Homer Spa is a unique day spa in Homer, Alaska over looking the beach in a spectacular oceanfront setting just off the Homer Spit.  Visit the Homer Day Spa for an hour, for the day, or add an overnight stay to your experience and book a room in the inn. Any of the Homer Spa treatments below can be delivered side-by-side or arranged for larger parties. Side-by-side is a popular choice for couples, friends, mother-daughters, father-sons, and bridal parties.

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Homer Spa Packages

Blissful Beachfront Spa 2½ hours… $285
  • Sea Stone Foot Tub
  • Kachemak Bay Herbal Wrap
  • Signature Massage
  • Signature Jojoba or Glacial Mud Facial Wrap


Mini-Bliss Spa Sampler 1½ hours… $180
  • Sea Stone Foot Tub
  • Full Body Signature Massage
  • Jojoba Mini-Facial Wrap
Just 4-Him (or Her!) Spa 1½ hours… $180
  • Steamy Towel Face Wrap & Scalp Rub
  • Warm Stone Rub Down
  • Revitalizing Upper Body Massage
Alaska Immersion Spa 2 hours… $255
  • Glacial Mud Body Wrap
  • and Relaxation 1 hour Signature Massage
 Deluxe Oceanfront Spa 4 hours… $440
  • Sea Stone Foot Tub
  • Sea Kissed Body Scrub
  • Kachemak Bay Herbal Wrap
  • Spa Tea Service
  • Signature Full Body Massage
  • Waterfall Hair Treatment
  • Signature Facial Wrap
 Alaska Pioneer
  • Build your own unique mix and match package from any three of more of the treatment on our menu, and receive a complimentary Facial Wrap Finale!

Homer Spa Massages

 Side-By-Side Massage & Treatments

Share your massage experience with a friend or loved one. Side-by-side treatment tables and two therapists deliver individualized treatments to you both… our most popular offering for couples, friends, mother-daughters, father-sons, and bridal parties.

Mix and match menu items for your own custom experience!



 Signature Spa Massage

Our own unique combination: relaxing Swedish massage, soothing Warm Stones and releasing aromatherapy.. customized to meet your individual needs. Medium pressure.

1 hour… $105 1½ hours… $145

 Rejuvenating Spa Swedish Massage

A rhythmic Swedish massaged designed to relax muscle tension, increase circulation and rejuvenate the nervous system… perfect choice for first-time full body massage. Light to medium pressure, depending on client preference.

1 hour… $105 1½ hours… $145

Releasing Deep Tissue Spa Massage

A full body massage focusing on specific body needs, using direct pressure to target areas and deeper muscle layers, therapeutic stretches and specialized body work. Firm-deep pressure. Includes warm stones and aromatherapy.

1 hour… $115 1½ hours… $165

 Nurturing Pre-Natal Spa Massage

Mothers-to-be can relax and renew with a massage designed especially for pregnancy. (Late stage pregnancy massage is conducted side-lying with cushion support). Pressure varies due to preference and pregnancy stages.

1 hour… $120 1½ hours… $175

 Relaxation Wave Stone Spa Massage

Warm, hand collected Homer area sea stones flow in wave-like rhythm in this full body massage… nerves are calmed, circulation improved, stress released and muscles strain reduced. Soothing compression, and light-medium pressure.

1 hour… $105  1½ hours… $145


Homer Spa Facial Wraps

Signature Spa Facial Wrap 

Add a grand finale to your treatment time… Painted on, plus hydro-therapy, and releasing scalp and facial massage. Tones and improves skin quality, soothes nerves, and calms the soul.

30 min add-on… $50

 Alaska Glacial Spa Facial Wrap 

Rich and creamy “Alaska Glacial Mud” is extravagantly applied, warmed towel wrap, then a scalp and hand massage while the mud draws out the impurities. A wipe down with soft steamy towels is followed by revitalizing facial massage.

30 min add-on… $70

 Guy’s Spa Facial Wrap 

Great after a day of fishing or adventuring… Warm steamy towels sooth tired muscles while you receive a luxurious scalp massage, followed by work on the face and neck for relaxation. Finish off with light moisture for skin protection.

30 min add-on… $60


Homer Spa Therapeutic Treatments

 Kachemak Bay Herbal Wrap

While cocooned in hot herb-infused linens, at the temperature of your choice, you receive releasing face and scalp massage and circulation enhancing compression… soothing and detoxifying! Finishes off with moisturizing body rub.

45 min add-on… $100

 Sea Kissed Body Scrub

Mineral rich sea salts and aromatic oils gently exfoliate in this full body scrub… helping to remove dead, dull skin & improve circulation. Finishes off with a steamy towel rub down, leaving skin smooth, soft and glowing.

30 min add-on… $80

 Waterfall Hair Treatment

Aromatic oils and warm waters pour over the forehead and through the hair in a gentle ongoing stream followed by a lavish scalp and hand massage… relaxing and revitalizing to both the hair and nervous system.

30 min add-on… $125

Sea Stone Foot Tub

Hot water, at the temperature of your choice, Epson salts, essential oils and warmed sea stones fill your foot tub soak. Followed by sea salt exfoliation of the feet and a revitalizing foot and lower leg massage. Fantastically refreshing.

30 min add-on… $60

 “Alaskan Glacial Mud”  Body Wrap

Proudly presenting the most mineral rich mud in the world! Following a warm stone brushing, glacial mud is luxuriously painted on, then get cocooned in blankets, soothing facial/scalp massage and circulation enhancing compressions are applied. Finished off with steamy towel rub down and shower.

1 hr add-on… $140


Through gentle hand placements to numerous areas on and near the body, your practitioner assists your own body in harnessing and invigorating its healing and recovery potential. A truly unique and therapeutic experience.

60 min… $100 (Inquire for multiple session packages.)

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Homer Inn and Spa – Homer, Alaska